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Eslabondexx™ Bleach is Coming Soon!

Professional Stylists: You will soon be able to achieve incredible Level 11 or 12 blonde, healthy hair. Eslabondexx™ Bleach is on its way to our Distribution Center. This is the first lightener with our Eslabondexx™ enhanced formulation built right in. UP TO THREE CONSECUTIVE BLEACHING SERVICES THE SAME DAY, and hair stays healthy! Just comb out the dried bleach and re-apply. Of course, you must ask your client about other services he/she has done before you […]

Secret to the Best Grey Coverage

  To obtain the best grey coverage I have found these 4 main factors to be the most successful: First, choosing the optimal color line; then, choose the correct level; mixing it properly; and finally the application. By mastering these simple steps, you will be able to create dynamic grey coverage every time, and keep your guests coming back for more. Choosing the optimal color line – I have tried most of the top color […]

Stop Roasting Your Client’s Hair!

A special nod to Eric Mokotoff for this. So let’s put a few things into perspective. Cookies bake at 350° Chicken broils at 475° So, why are you flat ironing hair at 350° or higher?  Stop frying hair. Instruct your clients that hair is not a grill for cooking but a canvas to be protected.  Heat is the enemy of hair. 80% of the planet has fine hair which should use a heat temperature of […]

Color Mixing – How a Scale Can Make You Profitable

As colorists, we have to acknowledge that we are truly chemists. We mix chemical compounds with the expectation of creating an exacting reaction for our client. To assume we can just mix some of this and some of that in inexact proportions and get precise results each time is at best folly, and at worst costly. Costly in wasted product and costly in unhappy, non-returning customers. A veteran stylist with many years’ experience was testing […]

The Trouble With Social Media

Not to sound cranky, because I truly love puppy and cat videos, but looking for inspiration and hair techniques online has become a nuisance.  First of all, there are the ads.  If you’ve ever searched for (and maybe found) something online, you will be bombarded with ads for you to buy that thing (or, even another one). Found that light green Fiat?  Well, we can sell you another one! Then there’s the drama.  The political […]

Talk About Long-Lasting Color…

Four months ago, during a training session, we did a color service for an African-American client who wanted a vibrant irise red (7.62) on one side of her part.  She also wanted a close, clipped cut on the other side of the part.  Using Nouvelle’s DecoFlash Powder with 40 Volume developer (protecting the hair with Eslabondexx™, of course), our instructor then used Eslabondexx™ Color.  The result was a show-stopper. We were able to catch up […]

Reader’s Choice Award

We are so honored to announce that Beauty Launchpad magazine has awarded Eslabondexx™ its Readers Choice Award.  What this means to you is that many, many other beauty professionals have been using Eslabondexx™ with every chemical service, with every color system and seeing measurable results.  Every time. Unlike keratin-based bond-building systems, Eslabondexx™ uses rice and soy proteins in its formulation.  That means that your customer should not experience any protein build-up that can happen when […]

Introducing Danny Estrada

As an educator for the past 30 yrs I am often asked many questions, some easy, some hard, but all good questions! One of the most recent questions that was presented to me as an educator for Nouvelle USA is the use of our amazing bond builder, Eslabondexx™, and what the limits are to which it can be used.  Sometimes a client will ask me for a look that would require several chemical services to achieve:  straightening, […]

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